Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up..up..and away!

Dear all,
We'll be away until next week. Thanks to all who have made regular purchase from us. We will post your item tomorrow. Since it's going to be a mix of business and pleasure trip, i'm sure we'll be back with lots of lovely item to tempt you...see you next week! Bye...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Quilts..quilts..and more quilts...

I'm re-organising all my storage today... so I got most of my stock especially my lovely quilts all in one place.

I was quite amazed by how much there are when I see them all together. I think I should be doing a quilt store!

Recently I am putting my quilts collection on the website. Up for sale are many new shabby chic cottage style, vintage floral and French pattern which is so fashionable right now. Some have matching cushion covers, floor mats and throw.

This is a very pretty cotton quilted mat/rug with beautiful patchwork of pale green leaves fabric.

Designed with multiple patches in coordinating blends of pink, dusty pink, white and cream color.

Very eye catching red roses..practical as bed coverings or home decoration.

It is a beautiful patchwork mat, made up with multiple patchwork sizes in coordinating and matching color.

A truly beautiful classic cotton quilted patchwork floor mat/runner with small warm floral detailing on off white background.

This quilt has the shabby soft colors to create or enhance a shabby cottage, cozy feel to your room.

Beautiful Shabby Cabbage Roses with Cream Background

Classic country look blue patchwork quilted oval floor mat with floral reverse, 100% cotton.

Wonderfully patchwork of roses and gingham checks...with a pretty ruffled frilled edging to the patches in shades of pinks and greens. 100% cotton with rosebud reverse.

Gorgeous Roses in Various Shades of Pinks. Can be used as bath /floor mat, a mat beside the window or a mat on your lounge and garden chair, anywhere you would like to add a shabby chic look...

This pattern is my hot-selling item..Cabbage rose prints in pink and ivory were used to create a soft feminine quilt.

Tips on how to wash: Gentle machine wash with mild detergent. Please2x do no bleach. Don't forget to tumble-dry.

So frenz, plz do not miss the quilts galore at my website. I have lots of lovely new collections to tempt you....bye..have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've been tagged!

… by wonderful lady, Ita Jeff, who are my sweet frenz in this blog land. She is simply adorable and her home is just beautiful.Please take a moment to pay a visit to her blog at Something To Share !

So, upon receiving this tag, i supposed to disclose 10 things about me. So here are ten things you propably don't know about me.

1. I am married to my high school sweetheart for 9 years.
2. I'm a mum at home, with FIVE adorable kids (all boyz!.. who constantly test our patience...hehe :)
3. I run my own website
4. I’m a pretty easy going person I think.
5. People find it tough to watch a movie with me..thousands of questions guaranteed!
6. Lovely things that makes me smile & happy : Cath Kidston, Green Gate, Lady Jayne Ltd, Anticca Decole.
7. I am SCARED of CATS!
8. I have a passion for all things pretty.
9. My sickness obsession: Tins, tins and more tins..Searching for them gives me a thrill.
10. You'd be surprised how hard it is to come up with 10 things about yourself!!! (Phew!)

So as my chosen soul to tag is : Nomi from Mieazian English Cottage
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