Thursday, December 18, 2008

Display armoire and Antique dinnerware...

I just thought I would show you my not so recent French inspired display armoire. I bought this armoire a few months back from a local store but it came to me in a very sad condition…so I decided to put it temporarily in my maid’s room while waiting the shop’s carpenter to fix it.. but a few months later, the should be gorgeous armoire still laid untouched.. what a poor service they have.. i promised not to come to that shop again !! Never..!

So, after that I send it to the second hand shop nearby to give some adjustment.. and now the poor armoire is ready to have new look..

FYI, my antique French display armoire is painted in cream with two glass doors. It is hand crafted and there are French style carvings on top.

My empty armoire.

Today - the baby took a good nap, and I had all the materials I needed to complete the armoire for my living room.

Well, ....I arranged all of my glassware inside, but somehow it seemed to be lacking… So I added a few pieces of white doily crochet and inserted the beautiful Redoute rose placemats from Roy Kirkham at the back.

From first to the third shelf of the armoire you can see a row of Chulkiart glassware which I bought from South Korea. The best part is that they stay behind glass doors, so no dusting. These are all for sale and you can find the item in my website.

At the bottom shelf, my display armoire is filled with my antique pieces from Johnson Brothers and J&G Meaking, made from England. Those are given by my mother.

Collection of an old antique Oriental ceramics.

J & G Meakin Romantic England-Blue cup and saucer.

This is Indian Tree discontinued edition from Johnson Brothers, a gift from my mother. Year of production -- from 1979 - 1982.

I found this pink plate from a junk shop for only a few bucks. J & G Meakin China - Rosa - all pink china from the 1940's. During WW2, England only allowed the production of plain china. J & G Meakin produced Rosa, Celeste, Sunflower and Jade which are plain china, but the whole pottery is coloured. But the pink cabbage rose creamer is originated from Australia.

So now my cost-free make over is complete...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My sickness obsession...

I’m absolutely obsessed with tin collection right now. I know, I’m crazy… But I have these obsessions that hit suddenly through me.. and I know I just have to have my desired tins...I will search high and low, shop! shop! shop! until I find the said item.

It’s a sickness, I know.. Right now I waste all of my time obsessing over things and searching ebay and other online shops simultaneously for them. Always there are some absolutely gorgeous ones for sale, but I need to keep things relatively inexpensive these days.

Here's a small peek at my growing collection

To start the collection, i bought these tins from ebay..

The doubled decker london bus and the teapot design from Whittard were a present from my brother who studied in Birmingham, UK.

The blue Laura Ashley tin was bought from Singapore.

I adore the Danish company, GREENGATE for their beautiful patterns and vivid colours. Here are a sample of the Greengate items i have in my home - they look especially great in my white painted glass cabinet.The large storage tin is in red/white stripes with flower design on the tin. They call it the Greengate Filippa Cake Storage Tin. I bought those item from Korea. And now I'm keeping my fingers crossed over Cath Kidston tin collection..

A black tin collection, which features tomatoes, strawberries and cherries.. bought from a lovely fren.

Assorted tins from Singapore.

My embossed tins collection from Singapore. They are lovely, sweet vintage pictorial butterscotch tin in the form of a Country Cottage.

A present from my sister who visited Melbourne recently. Thanks dear..

I just bought this gorgeous Robert Gordon flowery tin from a fren who went to Perth to send her son studying in there.

A beautiful milk can and small Christmas tins from a local store.

A Cadbury tin bus collections from my sister who studied in Exeter, UK.

Cadbury tin from local store.

My endless obsession with pretty containers . Yes I love them, I like to collect them and see them all over the shelf.

I love the smell of Famous Amos cookies but i prefer their tins the most..hehe

I have one of Harrods most sought after traditional coffee selections. Beautifully presented in a Building Range Tin featuring the Harrods fa├žade on front. The other one is Chocolate Chunk tin.

Whittard of Chelsea tea tin collections.

Those are a collections of Ahmad Tea tins. This beautiful tea tin features an English and Victorian scene.

My most recent addition is the – Anticca decole - from Japan. A ginger tin canister, bought from a fren.

I think I really shouldn’t be thinking of my obessions… BUT what would life without obsessions….

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not to be missed ~ Portobello Market

One of the top "must visit" places while he was in London was the Portobello Market. Portobello Market in West London is one of the most famous street markets in the world. It attracts thousands of dealers, collectors and visitors from all over the world (including my husband) because they know that in Portobello Market they will find the most extensive selection of quality antiques in Britain.

He went there on Saturday, and very early, to avoid the huge crowds of tourist. I think some people want to visit the market not because of the main attraction, but it was the location of a film they have seen, Notting Hill (Hugh Grant & Julia Robert). I’m sure he’s around there somewhere...

Sights of the Portobello Road Market.

Portobello Road Market has everything; antiques, second-hand goods, vintage clothes and accessories..

Nice teacups & teapots..Beautiful little pin dish..He knew these are what i seem to really love..

Portobello Road stall selling antique...

and not so antique tin signs..

There are some talented and street performers to be spotted too.

He took a bunch of photos down at the food end of the market. There are fruit and vegetable market traders and flower traders.

Very fancy fashion shops... He thought it’s still worth a visit to look into the gorgeous windows of the posh shops. As promised, he managed to buy few items from the market for our online shop. Please flip thru the pages in the website to find out more..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Experiencing the luxurious store ~ Harrods

Recently, while i'm having a great shopping activities in South Korea, my beloved husband was in London. So I thought it would be great if i uploaded few pictures of him shopping at Harrods. I can only imagine how wonderful if I were there in the world's famous department store!

Harrods at night.

There are a lot of beautiful and VERY expensive things here.

Memorial for Princess Diana with Dodi Al-Fayed.

The second and third floors, which held all the home wares, kitchen stuff and furniture – beautiful, but way out of his budget.

Gifts from Harrods. He picked up a couple little gifts for the kids, and a few trinkets for myself to keep as mementos.

He also bought Harrods practical and versatile bag collection for me. This China tea cups & saucers design shopping/tote bag is 100% cotton coated with pvc.

Guess what? That lovely Harrods tea towel is part of a collection. I don't think I could bear to use them as a dish towel!
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