Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My sickness obsession...

I’m absolutely obsessed with tin collection right now. I know, I’m crazy… But I have these obsessions that hit suddenly through me.. and I know I just have to have my desired tins...I will search high and low, shop! shop! shop! until I find the said item.

It’s a sickness, I know.. Right now I waste all of my time obsessing over things and searching ebay and other online shops simultaneously for them. Always there are some absolutely gorgeous ones for sale, but I need to keep things relatively inexpensive these days.

Here's a small peek at my growing collection

To start the collection, i bought these tins from ebay..

The doubled decker london bus and the teapot design from Whittard were a present from my brother who studied in Birmingham, UK.

The blue Laura Ashley tin was bought from Singapore.

I adore the Danish company, GREENGATE for their beautiful patterns and vivid colours. Here are a sample of the Greengate items i have in my home - they look especially great in my white painted glass cabinet.The large storage tin is in red/white stripes with flower design on the tin. They call it the Greengate Filippa Cake Storage Tin. I bought those item from Korea. And now I'm keeping my fingers crossed over Cath Kidston tin collection..

A black tin collection, which features tomatoes, strawberries and cherries.. bought from a lovely fren.

Assorted tins from Singapore.

My embossed tins collection from Singapore. They are lovely, sweet vintage pictorial butterscotch tin in the form of a Country Cottage.

A present from my sister who visited Melbourne recently. Thanks dear..

I just bought this gorgeous Robert Gordon flowery tin from a fren who went to Perth to send her son studying in there.

A beautiful milk can and small Christmas tins from a local store.

A Cadbury tin bus collections from my sister who studied in Exeter, UK.

Cadbury tin from local store.

My endless obsession with pretty containers . Yes I love them, I like to collect them and see them all over the shelf.

I love the smell of Famous Amos cookies but i prefer their tins the most..hehe

I have one of Harrods most sought after traditional coffee selections. Beautifully presented in a Building Range Tin featuring the Harrods façade on front. The other one is Chocolate Chunk tin.

Whittard of Chelsea tea tin collections.

Those are a collections of Ahmad Tea tins. This beautiful tea tin features an English and Victorian scene.

My most recent addition is the – Anticca decole - from Japan. A ginger tin canister, bought from a fren.

I think I really shouldn’t be thinking of my obessions… BUT what would life without obsessions….

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