Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A trip to South Korea

I've hardly had a free minute recently, so my poor blog has sat without an update for almost a month...terrible woman!

Recently, I went to South Korea with my mum, my brother Arif, Aunty Shidah and her sister, Ayu. On 12 November, we flew to South Korea for a vacation cum business trip.. This time we experienced the beautiful colours of autumn/fall in Korea. I’ve been here for so many times since year 2002... One of the best parts of a trip for me – shopping! There were numerous places where you could do shopping till you faint!!

That was Seoul Tower early in the morning. We were heading to the biggest traditional market, Namdaemun Market in the very center of Seoul. The Koreans have a saying, `If you lost your gun during the military service, chances are you will find it in Namdaemun`. Means that, you can get anything that you want here..

Doesn't this flower looks like salad?

It was Christmas fever in Korea. We can see a lot of christmas tree, santa claus outfit and all the bling blang things in every areas at the market. From one-of-a-kind ornaments of all sizes and other trinkets like lights, candles, ribbons, garland, glass balls, silk flowers, ivy, trees and wreaths. They can be found there for the best prices around. This year the markets are filled with wreathes and trees.

The stores are stocked up with bright aluminum balls, ribbons and flashy lights and tinsel.

In department stores and markets, people are busy shopping for lights, ornaments and all sorts of other trinkets that will help boost the holiday spirit.

These area are my mum's fav shop, where she bought a lot of brooches, pins and women accessories.

You can get all kinds of things for the home such as picture frames, furniture and candles.

Well let's just say, it was a beautiful inspiring shop to LOOK at. Dripping with chandeliers (some were around KRW3,000,000 each), old fan, rusty iron clock, French furniture.....

The coca-cola motorbike is soooo cool..

This place is a treasure trove of things for your home if you look carefully enough. I stood infront of this shop for an hour..looking for the white furniture and iron wrought..

I just loved this shop..ranging from apron , slipper, hand towel, bedding set, table runner and more.. with faux portmeirion printed on the material..

Dun ya love those pink flowery design.. with vibrant colors and extravagant patterns..

Lace with beautiful details..

The entire floor is filled with flowers. You can get lilies, roses, peonies, birds of paradise orchids etc... You can also get real trees and fake trees. There are shops that sell just vases and shops that sell fake flowers.

This is what happen while you're in Korea..plus 8 boxes via EMS..fuhhh!!!

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Salmi said...

ohhh my tini, what a lovely fabrics..how come I missed this place when I was in Namdaemun..maybe my tour guide is a guy..LOL..

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