Thursday, December 18, 2008

Display armoire and Antique dinnerware...

I just thought I would show you my not so recent French inspired display armoire. I bought this armoire a few months back from a local store but it came to me in a very sad condition…so I decided to put it temporarily in my maid’s room while waiting the shop’s carpenter to fix it.. but a few months later, the should be gorgeous armoire still laid untouched.. what a poor service they have.. i promised not to come to that shop again !! Never..!

So, after that I send it to the second hand shop nearby to give some adjustment.. and now the poor armoire is ready to have new look..

FYI, my antique French display armoire is painted in cream with two glass doors. It is hand crafted and there are French style carvings on top.

My empty armoire.

Today - the baby took a good nap, and I had all the materials I needed to complete the armoire for my living room.

Well, ....I arranged all of my glassware inside, but somehow it seemed to be lacking… So I added a few pieces of white doily crochet and inserted the beautiful Redoute rose placemats from Roy Kirkham at the back.

From first to the third shelf of the armoire you can see a row of Chulkiart glassware which I bought from South Korea. The best part is that they stay behind glass doors, so no dusting. These are all for sale and you can find the item in my website.

At the bottom shelf, my display armoire is filled with my antique pieces from Johnson Brothers and J&G Meaking, made from England. Those are given by my mother.

Collection of an old antique Oriental ceramics.

J & G Meakin Romantic England-Blue cup and saucer.

This is Indian Tree discontinued edition from Johnson Brothers, a gift from my mother. Year of production -- from 1979 - 1982.

I found this pink plate from a junk shop for only a few bucks. J & G Meakin China - Rosa - all pink china from the 1940's. During WW2, England only allowed the production of plain china. J & G Meakin produced Rosa, Celeste, Sunflower and Jade which are plain china, but the whole pottery is coloured. But the pink cabbage rose creamer is originated from Australia.

So now my cost-free make over is complete...


RiNa said...

Hi Tini..

You've got a beautiful display's gorgeous!

i just found out about ur online store and i love all of your items on sale.

would love to buy some of your items one day..

Jessica said...

Here you will find all your favorite modern dinnerware and accessories for your dining room.

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