Sunday, December 7, 2008

Experiencing the luxurious store ~ Harrods

Recently, while i'm having a great shopping activities in South Korea, my beloved husband was in London. So I thought it would be great if i uploaded few pictures of him shopping at Harrods. I can only imagine how wonderful if I were there in the world's famous department store!

Harrods at night.

There are a lot of beautiful and VERY expensive things here.

Memorial for Princess Diana with Dodi Al-Fayed.

The second and third floors, which held all the home wares, kitchen stuff and furniture – beautiful, but way out of his budget.

Gifts from Harrods. He picked up a couple little gifts for the kids, and a few trinkets for myself to keep as mementos.

He also bought Harrods practical and versatile bag collection for me. This China tea cups & saucers design shopping/tote bag is 100% cotton coated with pvc.

Guess what? That lovely Harrods tea towel is part of a collection. I don't think I could bear to use them as a dish towel!

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