Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Oxford & Cambridge Society Malaysia, 50th Anniversary, Boat Race 2009, 29/3/09, TM, Deloitte

Last Sunday, me and the kids were at Putrajaya Lake Club to support my husband in the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia Boat Race 2009. This year was the special edition of 50th Anniversary Boat Race!

Hubby and the kids before the race..

Putrajaya Lake Club. Picture taken from the jetty.

TM's dragon boat race team

Being the sponsors of the event, TM and Deloitte also took part in the Dragon Boat Race, which was won by Deloitte...poor TM!

Moment of victory..

Rowers from Deloitte team..towards the finish line.

Congrats Deloitte!

See you guys next year...(many thanks to Razman for the pic)

History of the competition:
-THE FAMOUS British tradition of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race is an eagerly-awaited event in the social calendar of many people around the world.
-Many flock to the banks of the river Thames in London, or huddle in front of the TV, to catch the live telecast of the two titans of old-world universities pit against one another in rowing for pride and glory.
-This competition dates back to 1829 when Cambridge sent a challenge to Oxford after two friends, who first had the idea for the Boat Race, wrote a series of letters to each other.
-More than 170 years later, the popularity of this race has soared beyond expectations and the hype has reached our Malaysian shores.
(Source: http://www.oxbridgemalaysia.com/)

Pink Booth...

Every year, me and my mom will participate in UMNO Assembly General Meeting exhibition/trade show at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) and this year was no exception. It’s five days (24-28 March) of very intense packing, unpacking, setting up, chatting with hundreds of people and more packing at the end of it all.

It’s tiring as heck, but so much fun, though! Since I had my camera with me, I took some pictures of my booth for those of you that couldn’t make the show last weekend.

Although this was not my first year participation, but this was my first time selling home decor item at the show and i didn't quite know what to expect, i kept the booth fairly simple and went with bright pink and brown to make the display pop and catch the passers' eye. Before this, i'm selling women accessories n costume jewellery during the event.

The floor mat..all SOLD!

The crowd was good and cheerful and the vendors were so sweet and happy to see familiar faces.. I love getting to know these people who love to hunt for treasures like the rest of us do..

The whole experience was so exciting.. One of the best parts was meeting some of the many other talented designers and client who offered not only insight and advice but warm smiles and a great sense of friendship..

A peek at my new line of flowery purses..all SOLD!

We had an eye-catching display showcasing all kind of brooches, pins, bracelets, and necklaces in a red and pink accent color..

I'm exhausted from the show - but it's well worth it. I'm getting good feedback on my designs and my booth display.

Happy faces from my sisters: Zeti, Aini, Adik..

I was so busy in my own booth meeting people, taking orders and introducing the English styling home decor. I loved every minute of it even if my poor feet did not. There is A LOT of standing..

Vibrant, cheery colors dominated our booth, pink was especially prominent.

Another glance at my display

Thank you to all who made a special trip to come by and see us..specially Izah from Segamat, Izney and Faaizah Faiz fom WMC.COM, Klyn, Kak Ziah and lots more..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Placemats for Pink Saturday!

It's Pink Saturday again. Thanks to Beverly for hosting such a great activities..I hope you are all enjoying this as much as I am.

Today i am sharing some of my pink placemats..Most of my placemats have roses or in pink as their theme...

Popular design from Roy Kirkham.

The Roy Kirkham Brand continues to be associated with beautifully designed Redoute Rose..

This single pink rose is the most romantic flower of all!

Inspired by Redoute, the beautiful color palette is transferred onto these wonderful placemats...Another great design by Delta GD from Italy.

I enjoy collecting teapots...and this fancy pink placemat featuring lots of teapots made my heart sing...

Teapots and pink makes us feel feminine...

It's true that roses can set the mood..

Don't forget to visit other participants of Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound. HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!

P/S: I'm heading North this weekend until next Wed..all orders shall be sent out Thursday onwards..thanks 4 your patience. Pls check out my new item next week. Have a great School Holiday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Laura oh Laura...

Last week, me and a good fren of mine wandered over to one of the faboulous British designer label, Laura Ashley warehouse for a peek. Hmmm..I don't actually buy much stuff from Laura Ashley... but I do love her fabrics, chandeliers and kitchenware..i think I love most of her collection if money was not the issue..hehe..and lucky me the LA SALE was over last week..

The Finchley chair with new Tatton Cerise fabric..Many oohs & aahs....:)

This is the one that my fren was looking for..an ivory iron bed..and OMG this Somerset Bed is really too die for :)

I just love the Milner floral bone china range..decorated with pretty pink and red floral print..And this is what i did: I picked them up. Put them back. Picked them up again. And put them back.

I like the Dorothy pair of hook (the one with the teacup)and the Maisie hook (rose design).. they are available in raspberry, duck egg, chalk pink and crem color.

i love it - great style with class and tradition!

Just a sweet collection of duck egg blue ceramicware! And I'm slowly tried to fall in love with the color..:)

Some dazzling silk and viscose cushions..

at last i found a larga scale mirror frame in LA..the Beth mirror..classically styled and ornately frames with distinctive finishes...BUT way out of my budget!!

At the end, i got myself LA newest catalogue and walked out...hehe

All night I drooled over it...again and again...!
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