Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Oxford & Cambridge Society Malaysia, 50th Anniversary, Boat Race 2009, 29/3/09, TM, Deloitte

Last Sunday, me and the kids were at Putrajaya Lake Club to support my husband in the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia Boat Race 2009. This year was the special edition of 50th Anniversary Boat Race!

Hubby and the kids before the race..

Putrajaya Lake Club. Picture taken from the jetty.

TM's dragon boat race team

Being the sponsors of the event, TM and Deloitte also took part in the Dragon Boat Race, which was won by Deloitte...poor TM!

Moment of victory..

Rowers from Deloitte team..towards the finish line.

Congrats Deloitte!

See you guys next year...(many thanks to Razman for the pic)

History of the competition:
-THE FAMOUS British tradition of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race is an eagerly-awaited event in the social calendar of many people around the world.
-Many flock to the banks of the river Thames in London, or huddle in front of the TV, to catch the live telecast of the two titans of old-world universities pit against one another in rowing for pride and glory.
-This competition dates back to 1829 when Cambridge sent a challenge to Oxford after two friends, who first had the idea for the Boat Race, wrote a series of letters to each other.
-More than 170 years later, the popularity of this race has soared beyond expectations and the hype has reached our Malaysian shores.
(Source: http://www.oxbridgemalaysia.com/)

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