Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Sister's Graduation Day

Last Saturday was my sister's graduation day. The ceremony was held at IPBA(International Languages Teacher Training Institute). Here are some photographs taken whilst at my sister’s graduation last week:

With Mom and Dad on Graduation Day. I know every parents here is as proud as my mom n dad..

She was the only Malay student who got First Class Honours in B.Ed.TESL programme from University College Plymouth St. Mark and St. John, UK. She also received an Excellent Student Award for examplary performance in 4 years of study in the programme. “Way to go Kak Yang...”

Of course we're soooo proud and happy for her!

After the ceremony, the whole family, 16 of us went to Victoria Station to celebrate the day. Congratulation Nur'Izzati !!
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