Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Rain in Seoul

To tell ya people the truth : I miss blogging soooo much...I am sorry I haven't kept in touch with you guys. I no longer read friends blogs or facebook. I know it's been a while since my last post, but you know how it is... my routine: entertaining the kids, updating new collection, taking pictures & orders, packing parcels, answering emails and not forgetting tons of SMSes..Sigh!

Anyway, we're back from our shopping trip almost 3 weeks ago. Most of the new collections have been up for sale in my website. I've added lots more vintage/collectible stuff to the web shop today. There're a good mixture of things so do stop by when you get a chance. I'll be adding more new stuff for Hari Raya soon too...If you've never been to my web site before, than this is a perfect time to check it out.

Before I left, please enjoy some of pics whilst we're in Seoul. Bye!

It is summer rain when we reached Seoul.In case you’re wondering why so many rainy days, July is considered Korea’s rainiest month.

Koreans love to shop. It happens 24 hrs a day. We spend sunny evening strolling at Myeongdong - a very happening place with lots of people shopping and strolling around all the time.

If you noticed, the shops look the same at every corner and most of the shop signboards are in Korean...I bet you can easily get lost wandering around..:)

10 inch ice cream for 1,000 won (RM3.00)

Three 'boroi' guys in front of spectacles shop in Myeongdong..

Just look at the glittering swarovski and marble interiors from SWAROVSKI boutique.

SHINSAGE..The World's Largest Department Store..Now you know where all your money gone!!

The Central Post Office. Nice photo of the cleavage building.

This is the fountain at Seoul Station. They have some very nice adornments.

The historical Cheonggye Stream in Dongdaemun. It's 6km stretch.

We had our dinner at Usmania restaurant near Itaewon. They are specialises in Pakistan, Indian and Arabic Halal Food.

Please don't look at the price..just eat! Bryiani Lakhnavi.

Our Vegetable Samosa.

Night scenes.


teratak comel said...

wallaa...syoknyer dapat p saner....seoul...gitu...

Aidan's mama & papa said...

lovely shots of seoul! is it difficult getting around there? do most people speak english?
i know how difficult it can be juggling everything, but just remember dont put too much pressure on to yourself!

selamat berpuasa!!

love and best wishes from the netherlands,

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