Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tea-themed Fabrics

I have a few tea fabrics in my stash. The hard-to-find tea-themed fabrics featuring teacups and teapots captured my purse the most. I love that line of fabric, I'm trying so hard to resist buying a load, but I know I'll give in. For me, they have nice artistic touch, showing off the quality of the print.

This exquisite design by RJR Fabrics features beautifully decorated tea cups and tea pots on a white background.

A tumbling tea cups and teapots in a 100% cotton print from the Afternoon Tea Collection.

Because I am a romantic at heart, I eventually collect teatime fabric decorated with pink colorway.

This line is by RJR Fabrics for Afternoon Tea Collection..the moment i saw it, I instantly fell in love with the pretty pink and cheerful teacups.

Now i can enjoy a teacups collection even though my collecting habits may run to fabric rather than bone china...:)

Tea anyone?...

Who could resist this delicate antique teapots on a dark blue background...

Victorian teapot print

This one is from Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc.

Lets celebrate Afternoon Tea with this China Blue featuring tossed teacups!

A multi-colored teacups and teapots are displayed on a light blue background.

Afternoon Tea, Blue chintz teacups, light blue background..LOVELY!

Perfect tea cozy print...but i think i would keep this myself..:)

This gorgeous design tea party features various cakes, yummy cupcakes and teapots on a red polkadot background.

Make tea time more colourful with this pink and red teapot fabric.

Bon Appetit!

Beautiful pink cotton fabric with white polkadots.

Can't you see teapots and teacups out of this fabric?

This special design by RJR features beautifully decorated tea cups and teapots. Each block measures 10" sq and i turned it into throw cushion. Pls view this cuties here.

Blue and white is especially beautiful on a tea table combined with pink or red floral arrangements , to add a contrasting color accent..

Blue and White china is well loved by collectors because different patterns can be combined to create a unique visual interest.

Make your afternoon tea extra special with this beautiful set.

Beautiful tea cups show off against a perfect shade of pink with names of all your favorite teas in script.

CHINTZ...A Luxurious Teapot Style!

Thanks for dropping by...bye!

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tino said...

hey, i just wanted to know, but where did you get or buy the afternoon tea prints?

i am desperately looking for them and i cannot find them on the web or in stores.

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