Monday, February 20, 2012

Bygone Times Treasure

There are extremely lots of places for hunting out vintage treasures in Lancashire. Last week, we went to Bygone Times, an old mill converted to a shopping market that offers a series of three warehouses featuring over 250 different units with antiques, collectables, curios, memorabilia and nostalgia.

Their Victorian cobbled alleyway leads us through to lots of articles from yesteryear such as vintage china, Art Deco items, past time story books and fifties home decor.

An antique rocking horse

This stall has colourful of antique furniture

An array of toy miniature figurines representing soldier. They are produced in highly realistic and detailed models.

There were a few good deals lurking in the warehouse but you don’t go to Bygone Times for bargains, the price is all fixed.

 One of my favourite pieces was there...

Feed your passion with these collectors plate by Royal Albert

 Bygone Times is really a treasure trove for vintaque fans...

 What a creative way to show off your vintage doilies!

 Gardens supply...

 The older and more unsual an item, the more valuable it becomes.

 Ended the treasure hunting with this very large jug and basin, worked wonderfully well as decorative display on my mantel...

Do visit Bygone Times. Cheers!


Salmi said...

duhh..boleh meroyan masuk sini..and the vintage basin tu memangla cantik :-)

Be Dazzled Collection said...

kak salmi,
mmg best masuk sini, berjam2 pun x habis pusing..yg tak best nya tempat ni berhantu sket...hehe. Biasalah old mill dari zaman2 dulu mmg spooky..

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