Sunday, January 11, 2009


I get a lot of enjoyment out of thrifting. I love finding something cool buried at the bottom of a bin or behind shelf at the second hand stores, or a really awesome item that is right out in plain sight but no one has grabbed it yet for themselves. It’s fun for me to find things, buy them, bring them home, photograph them, and then send them off to new shelfs.

I finally went thrifting yesterday for the first time in this year, and I found some good stuff!

Those valuable junkies were dirty when i discovered at the thrift store. I have to clean them up before display.

These is highly collectable J & G Meakin Rosa items. A lady at the Amcorp Mall Flea Market was selling full set of this pink Rosa at about RM700!

I thought my faux cupcake collection were cute, so i decorate them inside the cup. I just wish there had been matching saucers..

I found this teapot without the, i use the teapot to put flowers in, and have them beautifully in my display armoire.

I was happy to find this cream and green enamel deep saucepot/steamer with lid for a few dollars.

This pink china set of serving bowl made my heart sing..

When they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” they mean women, mostly.

Everybody needs home decoration, and I’ve found that no matter what styles you need or favor, you can always get good quality at a low price if you choose your outlets carefully.

So...start your engines and let's go thrifting.

Notes: Thrift is something previously owned, second-hand, used or vintage. Thrifting also means shopping at secondhand stores and garage sales for bargains.

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