Thursday, January 22, 2009

Decluttering the store room...

Remember my 4th new year resolution which I jot down a while back? I've decided this is the best time to declutter my store room, although still not really a thing of beauty. This is something I wanted to do ever since i started the business.

I went to IKEA last week. I was going there to buy a shelf unit. I found this EXPEDIT bookcase which i think could help me resolve the problem.

The white bookcase was for my new stash organization system. I was really, really tired of ugly plastic boxes piled up against the wall. It just wasn’t PRETTY enough. Its not all there yet but I couldn't wait to show pictures of improvements so far. So here are the before pictures:

Trust me, you don't want to know what it looked like - I couldn't find anything!

Lots of shipping supplies = lots of boxes, obviously... piles of new stocks, papers, and art supplies.

This is what we called a totally "disaster"...

My room looks even more small and crowded..

Here are the after pictures:

If you’ll take a second to look at the old photos, you’ll appreciate how much stuff I got rid of. Lots and lots of stuff.

I took a pretty ruthless look around the room and sorted out things to keep, things to give away, and things to finish immediately so they’re not just sitting around.

Sigh. Its not pretty at all but at least everything is easy to find. Bye bye to the ugly plastic boxes...

My fabric collection is now greatly organized.

I folded the quilts until I had it all properly organized again.

The view corner is what makes me much, much happier. My store room looks more spacious now :)

In the end, de-cluttering was totally worth it. I still wish I had the time to make the place look more inviting. My fourth new year resolution is now SUCCESS!!


srikandiazie said...

bnyknya quilted k tini
leh bg kt azi sket...
azi juai kt ofis cantik2..kekekkee

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

masya-allah.. I love your blog.. and those stuff you sell in your shop.. I found few items that I really wanna buy! especially the enamel wares! seems that we have something in common!.. hehehehe btw how do you know my blog.. quite surprise that I have a Malaysian reader.. and looks like you got yourself a new customer!.. heheheheh I memang giler barang2 decor yg macam you have in your shop!..

Be Dazzled Collection said...

hi fitty,
i've been reading your blog for quite sometime..but i ingat u day i zoom at your kids pic, i nampak your son wearing songkok..then only i knew u r malaysian..its great to have u here...brg2 byk dah habis..will be add some more this month..

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