Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Lights in London

Last Dec, hubby bought me a trip to London for a week. We went to a lot of places, from their MUST VISIT sights such as Buckingham Palace up to their open market. I loved overseas market! So much different than the ones in Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta, Perth and Singapore.

We stayed at Bayswater, very near to tube station, lots of Halal restaurant, gift shop and of course a walking distance to Malaysia Hall (pagi2 kena makan nasi, kat sini byk guna tenaga, asik berjalan aje..)

Sampai aje di London, letak bag kat hotel, terus gi jalan2 di Oxford St..hubby kata takut you jet-lag nanti kalau terus tidur.

We got to see the famous and glitzy Christmas lights along Oxford Street.

This spectacular display runs the entire mile and a half of Oxford Street.

Selfridges Christmas lights.

Ni kat Bond St kot, lupa dah..

Debenhams have spectacular Xmas light displays covering the entire building.

Christmas Market at Oxford St. Here you’ll find a range of stalls selling hand-painted Christmas gifts, food stuff and lots of other handicrafts that could make nice Christmas presents.

Market stalls filled with traditional gifts.

Handmade sugared treats and candy floss..

Beautiful Gingerbread hearts.

That's all for now. I’d be back with another story-telling...:)

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