Friday, January 22, 2010

Strolling down Portobello Market

Portobello Market in Notting Hill is on my lists to go to whilst in London. Because i heard so much about it from my sisters and husband, i wanted to go more than anything. No trip to London is complete without Portobello Market.

This is one of the most popular market in London. The market sells anything from antiques, knicknacks, souvenirs, cashmere sweaters, a huge range of silver items, jewellery and old pieces from the 40-80s...

Make sure you take a picture of the house with the blue door when you go there. Notting Hill was not filmed here! (i mean this house)...i really don't know where was the Hugh Grant's flat with the famous blue door located.

Near Portobello Rd, there were a couple blocks of antique shop and houses that are painted in pastel colors.

Victorian detached houses with attractive wall facade.

Colourful property in Portobello Road.

This small shop has extensive offering of tin metal sign, collectible tin cans and old records.

Road sign.

These collectibles are almost always reproductions.

I enjoyed looking at all the vintage advertising signs. Most tin signs are brand new but rusted to look like it's fifty years old...

This is Alice's, one of the oldest antique shops in the area, established since 1887.

They had tons of really interesting treasures such as old English china, pottery and porcelain...

second-hands item...

giant size vintage sign boards..

Massive collections of English china...Everything is not cheap either. Most of it are pricey!!!

Time for tea...

Am looking at antique kitchen utensils and English silverware...tea caddy spoons and strainers. I had never seen so much antique silver before!

I love this shop...i went out from the store with some blue and white China..

lots of knick-knack

(*picture taken from bellaphon)

We ended up eating lunch at Makan, Malaysian cafe at 270 Portobello Rd, near Ladbroke Grove Tube Station. Best giler makan kat sini lepas jln2 cuci mata, jumpa ramai org M'sia. Terima kasih Kak Ani, sedap makan kt kedai akak!


Kak Ani said...

salam tini,
wah...tak puas la jamu mata ni...sure tini lg tak puas walau dah jejak kaki sendiri...

agaknya brg2 kat sana mahal ek...bila convert to RM kita...?

Be Dazzled Collection said...

salam kak ani,
tini gi market tu 2x..brg ada yg mahal cam tak masuk akal jer, tapi byk juga yg at reasonable price..ada lagi byk gmbr brg2 shabby chic yg blom citer kt blog..tungguuu!

annor said...


bestnye jln2 kat negara org ehhhh

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