Monday, May 17, 2010


The following pictures were taken last month when I went to INACRAFT 2010 in Jakarta. They called it "The Biggest and The Most Complete Exhibition of Gifts and Housewares". I went there couples of times. It was really great exhibition with hundreds of booth, lots of vendors and wide selection of good stuff. I usually spend few days at Inacraft, hunting for treasures...
This journey brought me to explore products ranging from gift item, houseware & home decorative, toys & game, jewellery, batik and fashion garments & embroidery.
It is indeed a very good trade fair to have a glimpse on Indonesian handicrafts and also their culture...
After registered at the counter, it was time to check out all the booths and doing a little shopping... This booth from Putri highlighted vibrant colors of artificial flowers.
Maharani booth sells fine embroidery and lace on linen.
The booth is one of the must-sees at INACRAFT for lace and stitching enthusisasts. There are several affordable pieces from small purses to table runners.

These amazing crochet shoes come in many colors and styles. They are each handmade.
Margriet offers beautiful embroidery used as home furnishings.
With the tag line "...Bring the art for you", Margriet simply has the magical finishing touches to all the displays and decorations.

Intricate embroidery, you can see the craftwork and quality. Really beautiful!

They also have cute stuff, especially the handmade rag dolls, which are in excellent quality at a reasonable price. It's like a combination of vintage buttons and yarns. Beautifully coordinated from head to toe.

 I really adore the look of that embroidery rosey table cloth.
This outlet has everything from wonderful bags to glassware, antiques and more.
They sell colorful and stylish hand made bags. They're made out of wicker or rattan basket and embellished with patchwork and beads accessories.
If you wanna add charm and style to your home, this outlet has everything. They had an eye-catching display showcasing lots of knick knacks, toys and collectibles.
They have something for your little ones...
Animal figurine soft toys
There were many wonderful selection and beautiful works of art from this booth. They're not cheap either. Some large and finely detailed pieces may cost up to millions of Rupiah.
I just love this pretty LOVE quilt cushions. They will make great sofa cushions.
This throw cushion is sooo pretty...with the right soft, faded colours, embellished with white lace and rosey gorgeous design.
After spend quite a long time wandering around inside the shop, i ended buying this masterpiece...
 A collection of blue and white china were made into quilt from hand embroidery applique.

Thats all for now. Bye!


Salmi said...

salaam tini, thanks so much for sharing..definitely kalau ada rezeki, next year pun me nak gi jugak..very interesting

Be Dazzled Collection said...

Yes kak Salmi, i think all crafters shud go and get some inspiration from this trade fair...

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