Sunday, February 15, 2009

Green Gate

I have been away busying myself every day in the house, arranging things, taking photos and uploading of new items..with lots of new stuff coming in and a million ideas buzzing around my head , I can't seem to sit still.

so back to the topic, when i mentioned "green gate", I'm not talking about this kind of gate...actually i mean the Green Gate company from Denmark. They have some really nice and gorgeous country cottage and chic style collection for your entire home n family.

I do have a few pieces in my home, i really like their patterns and colors.

This is my Green Gate melamine collection..

decorated with vintage inspired floral patterns....combination of florals, spots and checks..

I picked up a bunch of the storage bins and I love them....So very beautiful, the vivid color styling of the roses and the stripes is so lovely....
Although Green Gate is sold in many countries around the world but it is very difficult to find in my country. For Asia, they have only in Japan n South Korea. So everytime in Korea, i wouldn't regret to purchase the next Green Gate item to full the room..Wait for my next collection since i planned to go this April..yippee..

Browse their online catalogue and you will find many beautiful items for you..
Have a great day!..


azah said...

i like your collections..but i've to limit within my budget..huhu..stay shabby always

rossana said...

salam of the wmc member..using diff. nick...have purchased one single lowest cost (due to budget constrain..he..he..)plate frm u quite sometime ago..panjang nya intro..
just finished browsing yr blog...very continue writing...before ni dok visit kedai jerk..he..he..bye!

inna said...

salam tini cantik dan simpel...

cantik2nyaaa tin ...berpinar2 mata tengok...hehe

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