Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some of my teacups...

The purchase of “just one” can quickly become a hobby …So it was with me. And teacups.. This time, I thought I'd post a few items here that you lovely bloggers might like to look at....a few of my favorite teacups..

this is the start of my teacup collection :)

My Roy Kirkham Redoute Rose Breakfast Cup & Saucer, bought from a frend.

I do have Royal Albert Flower Of The Month Collectable Teas February Cup and Saucer. I like this footed cup because the inside top of the cup has "FEBRUARY" written on it...reminds me of my birthday month..

I have teaset (a set of 4) in Royal Doulton's Lambethware FLORINDA pattern.. given by my brother who's studying in Birmingham a few years back..

This design similar to Portmeirion pattern, bought in South Korea...I was thrilled when I saw this teaware collection. It's part of Royal Albert's 100 years anniversary set. There are 10 trios (teacup, saucer & plate) in the collection. One for each decade since they started. This Duchess pattern represents the 1910s decade in the celebration of Royal Albert's over 100-year history.

Royal Albert 100 Years Anniversary 1940s English Chintz cup & saucer. This set caught my eye almost immediately! Got them for such a good price...

I really adore this design of the Goldtone Roses set against a soft pink background..

Dun ya love the rich burgundy vine color cup n saucer... with lots of intricate gold decorations.

This Royal Albert Regency Blue pattern is rich with blue and deep maroons flowers, highlighted with gold.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Embossed...

I eventually decided to collect tea cups decorated with pink roses..and here they are. I have this english pink roses tea set from Royal Albert..

And now, I was thinking of how I could display them in a wonderful way.. pls advise..

Have a great day !


annie said...

salam tini...akak comment in malay k?

hai tgk collecton teacups tini...betul2 meruntun jiwa...tak puas tgk..akak pun cukup minat [berangan] nak buat koleksi dlm design yg berlainan..not branded laa

tini oder online ke ?

Salmi said...

tiniii...loves them all..esp design yang commemorate 100 years of RA..very unique..

Riet said...

Ooooh, I love your teacups. I am sort of a collector myself. I think I like best your anniversary 1940 teacup.Sp fragile, beautiful.

Be Dazzled Collection said...

salam k.annie,

sebenarnya tak le nak collect sgt tapi bila dah asik tgk blog omputih, depa dok kumpul teacup cantik2... tu yg saja beli satu2.. tapi yg latest collection ni tini beli fr a lady yg nak let go brg2 RA dia..so mmg a good bargain sgt2..kalau nak nanti calling2 tini yer..

MrsNor said...

wow tini...gugur jantung akak tengok koleksi tea set ...

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