Wednesday, March 10, 2010

London Mini Tea Set

I added some wonderful new London China Tea Set to the store. Please look through my website here!

We have a delightful MEMORIES OF LONDON miniature tea set with a gold band round each piece. The set consists of teapot, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 2 cups & saucers and a matching tray. They are beautifully illustrated with famous London landmarks.

Stunning mini teapot featuring view of Britain's historic tourist attractions with the Changing of the Guard at Royal Buckingham Palace. The teapot is 9cm high & 11cm wide including handle & spout.

This creamer is 4cm high and 5cm wide and decorated with Tower Bridge.

The sugar bowl is 6cm in height (inc. lid) and 8.5cm across the handles.

Both cups and saucers shows Westminster Abbey and are about 4cm in height and almost 4.5cm across the top, and the saucers are 5.5cm across.

The tray measures approximately 14cm x 14cm just to give you an idea on size.

This lovely little tea set has 2 cups and saucers, 1 teapot, 1 covered sugar bowl and 1 milk jug each depicting historical scenes from London. This set is unique because they have tiny gold footing.

The teapot has Big Ben on the front. Size: 9cm high and 11cm wide.

The milk jug has Westminster Abbey. Size: 5cm high and 6cm wide.

The sugar bowl has the London Wheel. Size: 6.5cm high and 8cm wide.

One cup has a Guards Man from Royal Buckingham Palace and...

the other has the Old Red Telephone Box. Size of the cup: 3cm high and 4cm wide. Saucers 5cm in diameter.

And finally the tray has Tower Bridge. All beautifully decorated and finished in gold gilding. Size: 7.5cm long and 5cm wide.

This highly recommended purchase tea set also comprises of a tea pot, 2 tea cups, 2 saucers, a milk jug, a sugar pot and a tray. Presented in a red gift box.

Each item is decorated with scenes of London and has gilt detail on the handles and in the design.

An ideal gift for collectors of miniatures or unique porcelain.

The more the mini, the more the beauty in tea sets!


sharol & naja said...

nice blog byk brg yg rare...i follow u..;) lwt lah kami...

Be Dazzled Collection said...

Salam Sharol,
Thanks for following me...will add your link soon...suka dgn brg2 yg u jual...hope to meet u one day...

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