Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to Lovers of Blue and White...

Good Morning Everyone,

This post includes some blue and white collection that I thought you might enjoy and contact me if you're interested. Please click here for the codes and price.

A charming and versatile platter in the Old Britain Castles pattern by Johnson Brothers. Features a scene of a British castle - the Stafford Castle in 1792, inscribed at the bottom of the scene. Measures approx. 15.25" by 12.75".

Blue and White China 2 tier Cake Stand.

Blue and White China Work Top Protector.

This is Spode Blue Italian gourmet open canister/utensil holder. Size: 12.6 x 12.2 x 10.8 inches

Spode Blue Italian 3 Covered Canisters Tea Coffee Sugar.

Spode Blue Italian 15 Inch Bake and Serve Rectangular Handled Dish.

Spode Blue Italian teaset includes a 12 cup teapot, 12 ounce creamer, 12 ounce lidded sugar bowl and 4 tea cups and saucers.

I hope you enjoy the England new additions to the shop!

Note: The Spode name and pattern book is now owned by the English manufacturer Portmeirion Pottery. If you already own items produced by the original Spode company, please note that there might be slight variations between those items and newly produced pieces.


Kak Ani said...

salam tini~ least kat blog ni blh la jugak click enlarge walau pun tak cukup besar gambar tu...kalau kat web sana-kecik sgt gambarnya...

Be Dazzled Collection said...

kak ani,
hehe...kt web sana buat manual je n byk brg, tu yg x mampu nak buat auto enlarge...insyaAllah pasni buat besaq sket nooo..

OliveBlue said...

I wrote about blue and white collection in my blog and discovered yours. You have lovely things in your store. I'm eyeing for the teapots already.

Güler said...

Hello Tini,

My name is Güler.I am from Turkey.Where are you from?I like you blog.I want to buy them but ı can't know buy.Are you from England?I will be in England 25-28 Nowember.Bye.

Beth Cruickshank said...

I am looking to replace the blue Italian sugar canister. Do you have one available? I am in the US, Houston, TX.
Thank you in advance.

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